Family & Chakra Constellations

with Helga Beer

April 27, 2013
Saturday 9:30 am–1 pm
Cost: $40

June 22, 2013
Saturday 9:30 am–2 pm
Cost: $45

The Autonomic Nervous System and the Chakra System have much in common. They are both operating as involuntary systems that are independent and following their own wisdom. As such, they have an influence on our day by day experience of life – are we feeling calm and composed or overstressed and overwhelmed.

This workshop uses the wisdom of the chakras to address how we can regulate our states of being. ( Over-talking, over-eating, over-worrying, over-acting are signs of handling an over-excited state).

The focus will be:

  • how to create conditions for self-regulation
  • how do we include what we don’t want ( our suffering)
  • shifting our attention and broadening our perception.

The orientation with chakra work is an inner orientation towards “health”, so that we are not drawn into the drama pool of our stories.

Place: 1600 Bay Street (near Shelbourne)

For more information and registration phone Helga Beer: 250-370-0464