Prenatal Yoga

helgaBeerYoga_prenatal1_webPrenatal Yoga classes and workshops with Helga provide an opportunity  to develop greater vitality and awareness of your body, now a home for two, as well as deepening your relationship with your baby.

Please see the class schedule page for current class details.

You will learn:

Gentle postures—release tension of the lower back and tight muscles, ease the pelvis and perineum, deepen the awareness of your body

Relaxation—gain calm and confidence in preparation  for labour and childbirth

Breath work—bring clarity and equanimity to the mind and emotions and ease the birth process, thus increasing the joy of giving birth

Involvement of partners—Helga’s Couples Workshop offers a chance to practice together: breath work, toning, massage, positions for birthing

Pregnancy Yoga with Helga Beer PDF Brochure