Constructive Living

Principles & Discussion facilitated by Helga Beer, CL Instructor

Constructive Living is an educational method of personal development created by David K. Reynolds, Ph.D. It is based on two psychotherapies, Morita and Naikan, which in turn have their roots in Zen and Jodo Shinshu Buddhist psychology.


  • The relationship between feelings and behaviour – purposeful living vs. feeling centered living.
  • The importance of “reality” focus.
  • Tools for living with more attention.
  • Tools for self-knowledge from Buddhist psychology.
  • The trap of excessive self-absorption.
  • Our racing mind – labeling, judging, concepts.
  • Our attitude towards life – do we focus on what we lack instead on what we have.
  • The balance of giving and taking in our relationships.
  • Our energy investment – do we put it into what is within or beyond our control?

Constructive Living, when practiced, can bring an appreciation of life as it is.

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